By using eSewa Money Transfer the sender can send money at minimum charge while there is no backend charge for the receiver. With Instant Cash Pickup, Real Time Account Deposit, and Wallet Deposit/Pickup services, eMT is one stop solution for all your remittance needs. eMT delivers money safely and securely but more importantly we deliver happiness !!

Receiver can get the money immediately barring any unforeseen technical issues. Money will be available to the receiver once the data has been fed to the system and money control number generated. This process takes very little time and expected time for availability of cash is 2-5 minutes.

You can use the track money service available at our website free of cost to get the details of the money sent.

Our system uses the latest technology and security is primary in our dealings. Hence you can rest assure that money is delivered to beneficiary only with proper and matching identification.

Customer Privacy is important to us, we do not share any information about the customer to anyone. Upon the request of Central Bank, of Nepal, we shall provide the information to them if the breach in the compliance policy is found. 

You can send the money from eMT agent network spread throughout the country. We facilitate sending money through eSewa app as well.

The exact amount of money that can be sent to the receiver depends on Sending Location Limit, Agent Location Limit and Payout Agent Limit.